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Major Retrofits

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Mist Cooling System

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Our Advantage






An Initiative to Innovate

EMergy’s competitive advantage on other MEP specialized companies is in our initiative to innovate. Our strategy is to consistently craft new solutions in mechanical and electrical engineering through innovative thinking to improve design strategies whilst focusing on practical outcomes. Our uniquely designed approach helps you develop, design, build, and operate successful buildings.


Among our main goals is to ensure coordination within working teams. Engineers are responsible about the importance of communication, flexibility, and responsiveness. It is a basic instrument of our culture to listen carefully in order to innovate solutions that meet your goals.


Flexible Project Delivery

Collaboration is Key.


Whether through design and build, hybrid methods, or integrated project, the need of flexible thinking and strong ability to prepare cost effective and practical solutions to withdraw challenges is a key factor in delivering a successful project.


EMergy’s reliable expertise in the different dimensions of project delivery allows us to offer a trustful insight at the different stages of implementation.Not only we deliver projects with the constrains of our approach, we also consider those that have stressed schedules and determined budgets through guiding and proposing the most appropriate choices for their constrains while keeping our design approach.


We work flexible with the project team to ensure that our design objectives are fully managed with the architectural vision for the space.  We remain highly involved in the project so that site lead times can be quickly organized into the projected delivery date.

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